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Biography: Introduced in the mid-19th century, each tintype photograph is individually created by coating, sensitizing, exposing and developing metal plate as the subject sits for the portrait session. Many Civil War era photographs were created with this historic technology, which provides a hauntingly beautiful and permanent image especially suitable for heirloom portraits of individuals, families, and bands. Photographers Jeff Howlett and Chris Morgan have been photographing tintypes for over 17 years. 

Jeff Howlett is the director and producer of the acclaimed documentary 'A Band Called Death,' ( and formal frontman for metal bands Five Seconds Expired and Non Compos. For more information and a portfolio of tintypes taken by Jeff and Chris, visit

Chris Morgan, Collodion Artist, has been creating tintypes using the wetplate collodion process since 2001. Traveling up and down the east coast, Chris has photographed historical places and events, as well as created timeless portrait images for thousands of individuals and families using this historic process. For more information:

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